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Arab Emirates Gulf Water Park

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Trend’s product is unique,expecially Water slide and SPA. And after-sales staff is very hardworking, and can solve the problem very quickly.

—— Mr Tan

Fast response ,High efficiency,Good installation work,Good sense of responsibilities.

—— Mr Zhong

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Arab Emirates Gulf Water Park

Arab Emirates Gulf Water Park

                                               Arab Emirates Gulf Water Park


The first unique and innovative swimming carnival paradise in Anhui, the Arab Emirates Gulf Water Park, is a large ecological water park famed as the “Caribbean Pirate” theme. It can contain 5,000 to 10,000 visitors in the same time. There are lots of water park equipments, such as frog slides, crocodile slides, clown spray, spiral slides, water cannons and etc. It also equip with some amusement projects, for example, Caribbean pirate water house, private adventure, rainbow race water slides, floating in the Dead Sea, and duckweed in water. In 2013, we made our every effort to add the second period projects on the basis of the original water park. Many types of equipment were added, like dinosaur hill waterfall, tornado water slides, crazy drift, octopus, family race slides, lazy river, kid's wave pool and etc. You can not only enjoy the thrilling and exciting feeling in waterfall, but also experience in the wave pool with pleasure. The Arab Emirates Gulf Water Park is a new summer resort for all ages, and guide visitors into a place full of happiness.




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